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Disc Replication
DVD-Video (12cm DVD, 8cm DVD)

DVD-Video can store high quality digital video contents. Program copyright owners can use this pre-recorded media to distribute TV series, entertainment programs, educational programs, movies, scenic videos, live concerts, MTV or karaoke, etc., with superior video and sound effects that the consumers can enjoy right at home. 


» Uses MPEG-2 digital image compression technology that displays an image quality     resolution 4 times higher than the VCD.
» Can store DTS, Dolby Digital multi- channel sound surround effects at par with movie    theaters.
» Multi-language (maximum of 8 languages of scripts).
» Multiple text displays (maximum of 32 screen text types).
» Multiple screen display ratio selection.
» Multiple viewing angles: Allows the user to choose different angles for viewing the same   film segment.
» Multiple endings: Allows the user to choose different dramatic settings and endings. The   requirement is that the filmmaker should shoot different drama segments during film    production.
» Lock: Set password for special programs to prevent children from watching improper or   unsuitable programs.
» Anti-piracy protection.
» Region code. 


DVD-Video Specifications
Disc Parameters Specifications
Format DVD-5/DVD-9/DVD-10/DVD-14/DVD-18
Capacity 4.7GB(DVD-5 ,12cm)

8.5GB(DVD-9 ,12cm )


13.2 GB(DVD-14,12cm)
17GB(DVD-18 ,12cm )
1.46 GB(DVD-5 ,8 cm)
2.66 GB(DVD-9 ,8cm )

Outer diameter 120±0.30 mm or 80±0.30mm
Track pitch 0.74 um
Radial Deviation ±0.8 degree
Tangential Deviation ±0.30 degree
Reflectivity 45%∼85%(DVD-5 & DVD-10)
18%∼30%(DVD-9 & DVD-18)
Thickness of space layer in dual layer 55 ± 15 um(DVD-9 & DVD-18)
Jitter < 8%
Wavelength of laser diode 635∼650nm
Numerical Aperture of objective 0.6