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DVD-ROM (12cm DVD, 8cm DVD)

High capacity pre-recorded discs for use in personal computers. In contrast with CD-ROMs with only a capacity of 650 MB, one DVD-ROM can provide a super high capacity that is at least 7 to 26 times that of the CD-ROM.

PC operating system, application program, game or software design companies can use the DVD-ROM to store software with more powerful functions, richer in content but with larger file sizes while providing consumers with stronger interactive features.

DVD-ROM functions can also be combined with DVD-Video in the same DVD disc. Currently, lots of DVD-video discs contain features for linking to movie preview websites, movie fan clubs when played on personal computers. Some of these discs also provide computer games relevant to the movies, greatly upgrading the added-value of the movie DVD in addition to the film content. 


» High capacity: One DVD-ROM can store 4.7GB/8.5GB/9.4GB/17GB of data according to the  disc format.
» High reliability: DVD-ROM discs with 4 different formats. Digital data are stored in the 0.6   mm thick bond between the upper and lower layers. Unlike the data layer on the CD-ROM  disc that is only covered with a very thin protective layer and the printing layer (data layer is  easily scratched resulting in inability to read or read error), the DVD-ROM can provide    better protection for the digital data in the data layer.

DVD-ROM Specifications
Disc Parameters Specifications
Format DVD-5/DVD-9/DVD-10/DVD-14/DVD-18
Capacity 4.7GB(DVD-5 ,12cm)

8.5GB(DVD-9 ,12cm )


13.2 GB(DVD-14,12cm)
17GB(DVD-18 ,12cm )
1.46 GB(DVD-5 ,8 cm)
2.66 GB(DVD-9 ,8cm )

Outer diameter 120±0.30 mm or 80±0.30mm
Track pitch 0.74 um
Radial Deviation ±0.8 degree
Tangential Deviation ±0.30 degree
Reflectivity 45%∼85%(DVD-5 & DVD-10)
18%∼30%(DVD-9 & DVD-18)
Thickness of space layer in dual layer 55 ± 15 um(DVD-9 & DVD-18)
Jitter < 8%
Wavelength of laser diode 635∼650nm
Numerical Aperture of objective 0.6