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DVD-Audio (12cm DVD, 8cm DVD)

DVD-Audio is primarily used to store high quality sound signals of high fidelity musical symphony or concerts. Through high quality sound replay, the DVD-Audio can deliver extremely realistic live effect. Consumers can also enjoy listening to sound quality much better than CDs on personal computers equipped with sound cards supporting DVD-Audio, media player software and multi-channel sound speakers.Aside from better sound quality and multi-channel sound surround effect, the DVD-Audio also provides static graphics to depict pictures, lyrics or musical creation background data relevant to the music collection being played. Compared to music CD, DVD-Audio provides more comprehensive music related contents to music lovers. For companies owning the music copyright, DVD-Audio using CPPM anti-piracy technology also has greater intellectual property protection than music CDs. 


» High quality with multi-channel sound
 DVD-Audio can deliver up to 6 channels surround sound. Wider frequency response and  dynamic range bring outstanding clarity and more realistic recordings.
» Advanced resolution sound
 DVD-Audio is capable of delivering music at up to 192kHz/24bits (stereo) or 96kHz/24bits  (surround) resolution. All of the audio content can be completely and accurately       preserved and reproduced from MLPI, achieving the ultimate in fidelity.
» A varify of interactive feature
 DVD-Audio allows for a variety of interactive playback options including Linked Lyrics,    Visual Effect, Real Time Text etc. It also offers user-friendly menu-driven navigation.
» All-in-one Multi-Media
 DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, graphics menu, lyrics, photos, etc. can be included on one DVD-Audio disc.
» Copy protection
 DVD-Audio provides CPPM (Content Protection for Pre-Recorded Media) and Watermark   technology for content protection. 


Disc ParametersSpecifications
Capacity4.7GB(DVD-5 ,12cm)

8.5GB(DVD-9 ,12cm )


1.46 GB(DVD-5 ,8 cm)

2.66 GB(DVD-9 ,8cm )

» Frequency Response: 0~96kHz
» Dynamic Range: 144dB
» Max. Audio Transmission Rate: 9.6Mbps
» Audio Format: PCM (Uncompressed), MLP (Lossless Compressed)
» 2 Channel Sampling Rate: 44.1 / 88.2 / 176.4 kHz, 48 / 96 / 192kHz
» Multi-channel Sampling Rate: 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96kHz
» Bits Per Sample: 16, 20, 24 Bits
» Max. Channel: 6 Channels(the other specifications are the same with DVD-Video)
» DVD-Audio provides CPPM (Content Protection for Pre-Recorded Media) and Watermark   technology for content protection. 


The Recordable Time of Varied Audio Specification
Channels Audio Format Audio Specifications Source Media
Recordable Time (mins)
DVD-5 DVD-9 DVD-10
2 Channels PCM 48kHz / 24bits / 2ch DA88 258 469 516
2 Channels PCM 192kHz / 24bits / 2ch Analog Tape/Hard Disc 64 117 128
6 Channels PCM 96kHz / 24bits / 6ch Analog Tape/Hard Disc 43 78 86
5 Channels**
(2 Groups)
PCM 96kHz / 24bits / 3ch
(Front Channel)
Analog Tape/Hard Disc 64 116 128
48kHz / 24bits / 2ch
(Rear Channel)
2 Channels MLP 48kHz / 24bits / 2ch DA88 344 622 688
2 Channels MLP 192kHz / 24bits / 2ch Analog Tape/Hard Disc 86 155 172
6 Channels MLP 96kHz / 24bits / 6ch Analog Tape/Hard Disc 74 133 148
5 Channels
(2 Groups)
MLP 96kHz / 24bits / 3ch
(Front Channel)
DA88 111 201 222
48kHz / 24bits / 2ch
(Rear Channel)

1.MLP(Meridian Lossless Packing)MLP is an audio lossless compression format developed by Meridian and recognized by DVD Forum. It can reduce the size of audio files without discarding any audio information such as the work of compression program on PC hard disc. Therefore, its compression rate depends on the different sampling rate, bits per sample and music.
2.Channel GroupFor multi-channel, DVD-Audio plays front and rear channels separately with different sampling rate and its per sample. On the premise that audio quality is not affected, Channel Group can reduce the size of audio files for containing much longer music.