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Disc Replication
CD Audio (12cm CD, 8cm CD)

Music CDs (CD-DA, CD Digital Audio) is the first and currently mainstream digital music recording media in the history of mankind. It is widely used for playing music at home, in cars, on PC and with portable CD players. 


» Common and supported hardware devices for playing are: home or car DVD/VCD/CD    Player, portable CD player, personal computers installed with DVD-ROM/CD-ROM     drives and media player software (currently some music CDs with anti-piracy technology   cannot be played on PCs).
» Compact in size, light and easy to carry: the outer diameter of music CD disc is only 12 cm  with a mere thickness of 1.2mm, hard to scratch and resistant to dust, and extremely    easy to carry.
» Great music quality: Although the sound quality of the music CD cannot match the new    generation of high fidelity DVD-Audio or SACD, but comparing it with the analog music    storage medium in the past, the music CD with crispier sound quality, dynamics and more  details still holds the edge. 


Characteristics of CD-Audio
Disc Parameters Specifications
Capacity 650MB(74min) / 180MB(21min)
Outer diameter 120±0.30 mm or 80±0.30mm
Track pitch 1.5-1.7 um
Radial deviation ±1.6 degree
Tangential deviation ±0.8 degree
Reflectivity >70
Jitter <35 ns
Wavelength of laser diode 780nm
Numerical Aperture of objective 0.45
(Characteristics are the same as CD-ROM)

Sound: Sound signals in Linear PCM Wave format, sampling frequency is 44.1kHz, bits per sample is 16 bits. The maximum music storage time per CD is 74 minutes.