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Disc Replication
CD-ROM (12cm CD, 8cm CD)

CD-ROM is applicable in CD-ROM drives in personal computers. Computer hardware or software manufacturers can distribute or produce program software on read-only CD-ROM for sale or free distribution to consumers.
CD-ROM discs can store operating systems or application programs for personal computers. These CD-ROM disc data can be read from the CD-ROM drive, CD-R/-RW drive, DVD-ROM drive or DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW/-RAM drive installed on personal computers, expanding the functions or application range of the computers. 


» Large capacity: A single CD-ROM disc has a storage capacity of 650 MB. One CD-ROM   disc is usually enough to store most computer application programs.
» Common compatible and supported disc drives: disc drives have become standard     devices in personal computers. CD-ROMs can be read in any personal computer with a   CD or DVD disc drive (read-only or writer) installed
» Low cost: Compared with the bonding of the top and bottom layers of the DVD-ROM, the   CD-ROM disc manufacturing cost is much cheaper. 


Characteristics of CD-ROM
Disc Parameters Specifications
Capacity 650MB / 180MB
Outer diameter 120±0.30 mm or 80±0.30 mm
Track pitch 1.5-1.7 um
Radial deviation ±1.6 degree
Tangential deviation ±0.8 degree
Reflectivity >70
Jitter <35 ns
Wavelength of laser diode 780nm
Numerical Aperture of objective 0.45