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Video CD (12cm CD, 8cm CD)

Read-only CD-ROM discs are used to store digital video and audio data with a quality that is akin to VHS tapes and are widely used for distribution of movies, scenic pictures or karaoke. 


» Common and supported hardware devices for playing are: home or car DVD/VCD/CD    player and personal computers installed with DVD-ROM/CD-ROM drives and media player  software.
» Compact in size, light and easy to carry: the outer diameter of Video-CD disc is only 12 cm  with a mere thickness of 1.2mm, hard to scratch and resistant to dust, and extremely easy  to carry
» Video and sound quality superior to VHS: Although the Video-CD effects cannot be      compared with the DVD-Video but compared with the VHS tapes in the past, the Video-   CD still has better video and sound quality. Furthermore, it has the advantages of quick   search for segments without reducing the audio-visual effects due to abrasion 


Characteristics of Video-CD
Item Specifications
Capacity 650MB (74min) / 180MB(21min)
Outer diameter 120±0.30 mm or 80±0.30mm
Track pitch 1.5-1.7 um
Radial deviation ±1.6 degree
Tangential deviation ±0.8 degree
Reflectivity >70
Jitter <35 ns
Wavelength of laser diode 780nm
Numerical aperture of objective 0.45
(Characteristics are the same as CD-ROM)


Video-CD Data Storage Specifications:
» A single Video-CD can store a maximum of roughly 74 minutes of dynamic video and sound  data.
» Image: Compressed dynamic digital images (NTSC resolution is 360×240, PAL resolution is  352×288) using MPEG-1 technology
» Sound: MPEG-1 Layer 2 technology compression supporting only 2 sound channels with
 224 kbits/sec sound transmission rate.