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Disc Replication
  Test Disc
PUH (Pick-Up Head) Test Disc

This series of discs are provided for optical drive or PUH assembly manufacturer to calibrate laser light path.






Specification for PUH Check Disc (DVD5)
Physical Characteristic
Thickness (mm)1.14 - 1.50Center hole diameter (mm)15.00 - 15.15
Unbalance (g.mm) <1.5Eccentricity (um)<30
Mass of a disc (g)15 - 17
Electric Signal
Reflectivity (%)>60I14/I14H>0.6
I3/I14>0.15System Jitter (%)<7
PI error (max.)<80PI fail (ave.)0
Optical Characteristic
Radial deviation (deg)< 0.15 ave curveTangential deviation (deg)< 0.15
Radial deviation (deg)< 0.25 max. & min.Birefrigence (nm)<100