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Total Solution
  Digital Recording & Mastering
Recording Studio

» Stereo/Surround sound mastering:
 includes sound editing, noise muting, sound
 quality refining and volume adjustment.
» Audio for video post production:
 includes sound editing, video and sound
 synchronization, quality refining and volume
» DVD Audio Pre-mastering:
 includes sound editing, sound quality refining
 , volume adjustment, sound pre-mastering
 (mlp/dolby/dts) and authoring. 


» Overall acoustics designed and supervised by British designer Andy Munro using     dynaudio M3P speaker system, one of the few standard 5.1 sound surround recording    studios in the country
» Professional Mastering system: includes Sonic NoNoise workststionworkstation, dCS   single conversion system.
» With more than 10 years of experiences in sound processing, starting from investment in  the Mastering business in the early Sony PCM era to the age of the DVD-Audio. We also co- produced the first DVD-Audio disc featuring Yan Zi's "Start Live" with Taiwan's Warner
 Music Taiwan Records.