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Stamper Service
CD & DVD Mastering System(DCA & Eclipse & Media Morphic Formatter):

1.We have two European mastering systems.
 One is in-line system for CDs and DVDs.
 The other is off-line system for CDs.
2.And also we have two Japanese in-line
 mastering systems for CDs and DVDs.

Electroforming System:

We have 6 sets of European electroforming system which can produce 18 stampers at one time. 

Polishing Machine:

Two Japanese polishing machines for stamper back side polish and improve stampers’ roughness. 

Punching Machines:

Two Japanese punching machines to create the correct shape for injection molding. 



SIZE:12cm & 8cm
Type:CD Audio & Vedio CD & CD ROM
File Source type:DDP 1.00 & DDP1.01 & 2.00
Sources tape type:CD Replicate & CD R/RW & Exabyte 8mm Tape & U-matic Tape
Copy Protections:Safe-Disc & CDS100/CDS200/TotalPlay CD
Others:PIT-ART Graphic & CD Clear & CD ROM TEST & Hasbor CD


SIZE:12cm & 8cm
Type:DVD5 & DVD9 & DVD10 & DVD14 & DVD18
Formate type:DVD Audio & DVD Video & DVD ROM
File Source type:DDP 2.00 & DDP 2.10 & CMF 1.0
Sources tape type:DVD Replicate & DVD R/RW & DLT Tape
Copy Protections:CSS & CPPM & RipGuard
Others :PIT-ART Graphic & DVD Clear & DVD ROM TEST & DVD PLUS