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  Blu-ray disc
Blu-ray disc

U-TECH Launched Blu-ray disc 25/50 Production in Q3 2008, please contact ext. 8320

The structure of Blu-ray disc:

U-TECH offers turnkey Blu-ray disc 25/50 in house production service including compression, editing, authoring, replication, printing material, packaging, warehousing,etc. U-TECH will lead you into this revolutionary new format of Blu-ray century.  

The structure of BD:



BD Physical specification
Parameters Specification
Format single layer
dual layer>
Volumn 25 GB/50GB
Outer diameter/Thickness 120±0.30 mm
0.1mm(bonding layer)+1.1mm(space layer)
Track Pitch/span> 0.32 um
Redial Deviation ±0.80 degree(Normal environment test)
±0.70 degree(sudden change enviroment test)
Tangential Deviation ±0.30 degree
Reflectivity 35%∼70%(single layer)
12%∼28%(dual layer)
Thickness of bonding layer between the layers 25 ± 5 um
Jitter L0:6.5% L1 : 8.5% max
Wave length of laser diode 405nm
Numerical Aperture 0.85