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•Major Decisions of U-Tech Corp. Annual General Meeting, year 2008

Hereby is the major decisions of the Board of Stake Holders, year 2008
1. Date of convention: June 16, 2009

Result of re-election for directors and supervisors:
Elected as new directors
(1) Chang, Chao Feng - Chairman of U-TECH Media Corporation
(2) Yang,Wei Fen -Vice President Of Ritek media Corporation
(3) Ritek Corp., Representative:Ye, Jin Tai
(4) Ritek Corp., Representative:Ye, Chuei Sheng
(5) Ritek Corp., Representative:Wang, Ding Zhang
(6) Ritek Corp., Representative:Pan, Yen Min
(7) Ritek Corp., Representative:Lee, Ming Shan
(8) Chairman of Laypu Technology Corp:Li, Ming De
(9) Professor of National Chengchi University: Lin, Bo Sheng

Elected as new supervisors:
(1) Wu, Hsiao Yuen
(2) Chung Yuan Int. VC, Representative: Shi, Ju Fu
(3) Chung Yuan Int. VC, Representative: Chen, Li Qing

The executive time starts from June 16, 2009 and will last for three years