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•U-TECH keeps abreast of developments in Blu-ray disc market

As Blu-Ray Disc its road to dominance as the default High Definition platform and a new generation product,U-TECH is perfectly positioned in Taiwanese movie industry and has already started putting into the Blu-Ray disc operation in August 2008 and ready to meet the big inquiry for peak season at Q4。

U-TECH produced the first Blu-ray disc version of Rambo 4 by releasing order from Catch Play.com and also continually attended to secure the partnership with the major Hollywood studio for Blu-ray movies,Bill Lo, president of Group Management of UTECH optimistically estimated the number to be a million(disc) this year。

Ritek and U-TECH have an ability to develop Blu-ray technology;presently U-TECH set up a produce line BD50 single-side,double-layer with BD50 GB capacity disc,the measures will enable us to output 400 thousand discs per month,just now the monthly output should be reach at 200 thousand discs but the contribution is only about 1% share in this year。

The competition between Blu-ray and HD just announced the result,Bill Lo says even though the BD products are hot and popular, U-TECH still needs to complement to the media interface like Blu-ray player、Blu-ray discs and related software to raise the market quantity。However, now is still the initial stage for Blu-ray market, U-TECH has full confidence to achieve 15% BD market share and the high profitability next year。