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2008/7/8   Board Resolution on dividend distribution arrangement 
2008/7/1   The Board of Directors of U-TECH Media Corp. proposes shares repurchasing issues.
2008/4/17   Certified as OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health and safety management system
2008/2/4   Change of general manager of the company
2007/10/29   U-TECH Media Corporation Global Revenue Reaches NT$2.93Billion In Q1~Q3 2007
2007/9/11   U-TECH Media Corporation suceeds in developing new producuts
2006/11/20   U-TECH globalization strategy
2006/6/9   Major Decisions of U-Tech Corp. Board of Stake Holders, year 2006
2006/1/26   Related for that the Board of Director determines to issue employee stock option
2005/10/24   U-Tech determined to implement treasury stock
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