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About U-Tech

U-Tech Media Corporation was founded by Ritek March 2000 and is dedicated to the research and development of pre-recorded media. U-Tech’s production lines include CD, DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray disc(BD).

U-Tech is committed to the manufacturing of high quality pre-recorded optical media. We adhere to the international ISO14001environmental protection standards and follow very strict quality control standards in all levels of manufacturing. We employ strict security measures at our facility to ensure that we protect our customer's proprietary intelligence.

2008/ 11 U-TECH pass the Verification Test of the BD first product model.
2008/ 04 Certified as OHSAS18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety management system
2007/ 12 For strengthen management expand with international business, U-TECH amalgamated Los Angeles site with San Jose site to Milpitas California.
2007/ 08 Capital increases to new Taiwan dollar 2.303 billion.
2006/ 11 U-TECH finished the globalization overall arrangement, all the production stronghold is established in Los Angeles of U.S.A., Nashville of San Jose and Tennessee State, the Mexico Guadalajara, Qingzhou of Korea S., Sydney of Australia, also forge an alliance with Dyntec Disc Production Co., Ltd. U-TECH currently is the fifth largest pre-recording manufacturing company in advance for the whole world.
2006/ 03 Prove the international association (ICTI ) of toy industry , becomes the first pre recording media factory to get the certificated.
2006/ 01 Management term change, Rock Kuan served as a general manager of Global Manufacturing Division; and the business supporting center is taken on senior vice president Fortune Yan.
2006/ 01 U-TECH MEDIA JAPAN CO., LTD makes the transition from a branch office into a subsidiary.
2005/ 11 Capital increases to new Taiwan dollar 2,292 million.
2005/ 04 Japanese branch begins operations.
2005/ 01 Australian subsidiary, U-Tech Media Australia Pty. Limited and Harper Entertainment Distribution Services form strategic alliance to combine quality replication and packaging with dependable logistics services.
2004/ 05 Capital increase to new Taiwan dollar 1,840 million.
2004/ 03 U-Tech becomes green Partner of Sony.
2004/ 02 Capital increases to new Taiwan dollar 1,835 million.
2004/ 01 Prove OHSAS18001: 1999 employment security hygiene administrative systems are verified.
2004/ 01 Prove ISO14001: 1996 environmental administrative systems change cards to verify.
2003/ 11 South Korea factory established.
2003/ 07 Electrochemical medical treatment detects and examines the application development plan measured in SARS in platform 2003/07’ the applying case is passed in the economic department, 2004/06 Finish and wind up the case.
2003/ 03 U-Tech Australia factory established.
2003/ 01 The economic department industrial office the yellow mere type leads and penetrates the making of the site of surface of the mirror of mother's mould stiffly 2003/01' the applying case is passed , 2004/03 Finish and wind up the case.
2002/ 10 U-Tech is listed on the stock exchange under code 3050.
2002/ 08 U-Tech joins the IRMA Anti-piracy program and is the first Asian factory to pass the authentication for this program.
2002/ 07 Capital increases to new Taiwan dollar 1,713,500,000.
2002/ 06 U-Tech receives standard ISO 14001 authentication.
2001/ 10 Pass ISO-9001.
2001/ 08 Silver alloy is recognized to reflect the substituting material of layers for DVD-9.
2001/ 08 U-Tech receives FDVD Forum B Grade.
2000/ 09 CSS technology implemented
2000/ 05 Receive ISO 9002 certification
2000/ 03 U-Tech Media Corporation inauguration ceremony is held at the science park in Hwa-Ya.
1999/ 08 Join DVD Forum.
1999/ 02 U-Tech Media Corporation is established.

Team work

U-Tech has a specialized management group with abundant experience in the laser disc manufacturing field. U-Tech’s management team is devoted to constant innovation and research and development.