U-TECH Media Corporation『 Persons who bear the weight of of the information and culture 』as own duty, in is it after company develop continuously forever, good at community responsibility of doing to manage to make great efforts —

Our company is it protect the environment, make the best of natural resources and safety health zero goal of calamity to adhere to, condense all colleagues’ common understanding, in order to set up bright working environment, ensure the colleague’s safety and health, improve the quality of the life but hard.

Our company promises to accomplish:

  • Health that guarantee the staff's safety and safeguarding environmental quality, is primary responsibility of the executive of different levels.
  • All company's activities, products and service are in accordance with and accord with government's safety health and environmental protection decree and international convention and customer's requirement.
  • In guarantee products under the quality terms, is it use low to pollute, be renewable or bludgon light equipment and former supplies into and improve to safety health, environment continuously to try one's best.
  • Safety & health , environmental protection and production are regarded as equally important, promote risk management continuously, reduce environment striking and safe hygiene risk, in order to reduce the impact on personnel and circle environment in week.
  • Make staff cognitive company policy and responsibility that should shoulder, through education and training, strengthen and declare leading and communication, let customers understand the policy of our company, understand and communicate to the supplier and contracting trader on the environmental protection topic of the safety health, in order to promote the environmental protection performance of safety health.
  • Implement ring Ann and defend the administrative system, examine the performance of carrying out regularly, soes as to ensure its suitable continuously and validity, and improve safety health and environmental protection work continuously.

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