Jewel Case Varieties

  • Spec:142*124.5*10.2mm
For more than 20 years, jewel case is the most common used for CD packaging after compact disc was invented. Polystyrene injection moulded, jewel case series can hold one disc up to six discs available in various colors such as clear, black, white, red, blue to meet your marketing plans and strategies. Up to 32 pages booklet and 2 sides inlay card when transparent trays are used.
  • Jewel Case Series include
Jewel Case-Single
Jewel Case-Double
Slim Jewel Case
Multi Discs Jewel Case
Mini Jewel Case for 8 cm Discs




Except for Standard Jewel ases, packaging combine cardboard and plastic tray is another choice for music, software, and game industry. It’s size and design can depend on your imagination and requirement from 4 panels to 8 panels.

Vinyl and PVC Sleeves

Similar to Paper & Cardboard Sleeves, Vinyl and PVC sleeves are also an economical way to pack your CD/DVD.

Amaray Style DVD Box

  • Spec190.5*136*14.6mm
Just like the cases that you see in the video store, DVD cases are industry standard for DVD packaging for years. Polypropylene material, DVD boxes has a CPP/OPP outer film which holds a outer sleeve and inner plastic clips which may hold a DVD booklet. The most common colours are black and clear but cases are available in white, green, red, blue and more.
  • Standard DVD Boxes include
Single DVD Boxes
Double DVD Boxes (side by side or with a flipTray)
Slim DVD Boxes
Multi DVD Boxes

Paper & Cardboard Sleeves

Compare with other packaging formats, Paper & Cardboard Sleeves are the most economical way in disc packaging using in bundling and mailing for publisher, software and game distributors. Various designs are without limitation.

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