• Production of interactive menu for contents of DVD and BD discs and relevant art designs.
  • Supports IBM PC and Macintosh operation  platforms.
  • Production of 2D and 3D video graphics and multimedia animation.


  • Video design studio mainly handles the art design for VCD and DVD contents.From art design of round disc label to DVD and VCD static or dynamic menu,creation of multimedia interactive menu, product guide and DM poster design all can be expressed beautifully perfectly through PC or Macintosh platform software/hardware with and the designer’s ideas.


  • Editing of movie content.
  • Special visual effects processing for movies.
  • Ordinary screen textcaption creation and processing.
  • Karaoke method screen textcaption creation and processing.
  • Screen textCaption special effects processing.


  • Before the master tapes of the copyright owners are being processedcreated into DVD/BD, it is necessary to edit the contents properly to suit the market demands of the software to be distributed. U-Tech's Pre-processing Dept. has a complete line of linear and non-linear editing equipment operated by experienced and highly skilled editing engineers. Films can be are not only edited quickly but also added special effects and captionscreen texts can be added to enrich the presentation of the program contents.



AV Encoding



  • Pre-mastering of the video and audio data required by the DVD.
  • Integrated editing of the image, sound and graphics menu materials.
  • Setting of Special DVD functions.
  • BD pre-mastering and editing.


  • Pre-mastering is the last step during the pre-processing phase of the DVD. The video and audio signals in the pre-processed images, sound and graphics menu materials are further compressed aimed at the pre-defined functions and operations of the final DVD product and integrated editing of all functions and features. Animated images, sound compression and the special DVD functions such as multilingual captionscreen texts, multiple endings editing, multiple roles editing, multiple caption texts processing, display lock function, regional code setting, APS/CSS anti-piracy processing are all completed in this stage. Aside from DVD, there are the BD pre-mastering and function editing setup.

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