Colorful U-TECH =Technology, Cultural Industry, Beer, Solar Energy After invested and set up by RiTEK, U-TECH became a professional pre-recorded disc factory in Taiwan. We produce various pre-recorded discs for customers, including CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc (BD) and other types of recording media. In terms of mass production of discs, we play a leading role and are committed to reaching the highest standard. Also, we see ourselves as cultural carriers, trying to save and pass intangible cultural assets by giving full play to our specialty.
Due to the rise of cultural industries, our company renovated Yangmingshan American Army Military Housing and began operating the restaurant called “BRICK YARD 33 3/1” in 2017. This is the first case of the old House revitalization campaign in cooperation with the Department of Cultural Affairs of Taipei, and became one of Taipei’s main tourist attractions, which was chosen and promoted by the Department of Information and Tourism of Taipei City Government on its website in 2018.
The characteristics of BRICK YARD 33 3/1 are music events, outdoor stages events, performances, vinyl story halls, old house revitalization, community management, New Orleans cuisine, etc. The so-called cultural industry is defined as “an industry that originates from creativity or cultural accumulation, has the potential to create wealth and employment opportunities. Through the utilization of information and intellectual property, people can improve aesthetic literacy and enhance the national living environment.”
Here we have a red brick courtyard, with 33 rpm of vinyl record. We retain a music space for this world. Come here and enjoy the memories which each track of warm and familiar music slowly plays. That is the embodiment of the cultural industry we believe. Besides, the development of the US military dormitory housing has been put into operation one after another. We emphasize that the concept of a business model is essential because it urges us to envisage a long-term project and make a profit. For example, we have Starbucks and Spanish cuisine introduced here, to support the cultural industry.
If Huashan 1914 creative Park can show Taiwan’s cultural and creative power to the world, BRICK YARD 33 3/1 is definitely one of the best cultural creativity that can arouse visitors’ emotions. Here provides not only a place for dining or entertainment but also what city people need most -cultural creativity. We hope we can incentivize the potential creative power for the future while offering the solution to the lack of leisure time of busy metropolitans. We believe that we are a group of “culture writers”. The place where we are living can be better, and we can change as long as an opportunity comes.
The name”craft beer” is originated abroad. The core value of this beer lies at innovation. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of BRICK YARD 33 3/1 and experience the craze of craft beer brewing, U-TECH set up a craft brewery at the headquarters of Linkou. It has begun production in 2018.
Taking “make the earth a better place” as the starting point, we devote to the solution to the greenhouse effect and promote green energy. We deem promoting environmental sustainability as an obligation that every enterprise should fulfill. The investment in FORMOSA SUN ENERGY Corp.(FSEC) focuses on the construction and operation of solar power plants, promoting the concept of environmental sustainability and envisaging integrated business plans for other power plants. The business content includes providing construction service, roof leasing for solar panels, material supply, professional consulting, and maintenance management, etc. Thanks to the emphasis on the green energy policy, the power plants served by the company now cover all parts of Taiwan.

Major chronicle


Acquire 73.64% equity of FORMOSA SUN ENERGY Corp.(FSEC), entering into green energy industry


Restaurant “BRICKYARD 33 3/1” opens


Former Chairman Mr. Zhaofu Zhang retire and Mr. Chuijing Ye is elected as Chairman

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